Excerpts from letters:


"Dr. Ebner is a masterful collaborator....She has worked with her colleagues on incorporating writing across the curriculum and curated web-based site[s] to support the integration of technology...."

- Dr. Esther Sinofsky, Administrative Coordinator, LAUSD ILTSS

"Hallmark to Dr. Ebner’s work is a commitment to collaboration and teamwork. "

- Dr. Damian Jenkins, Former COO CalPrep

 "In my opinion, [Dr.] Ebner is a top 'curricular mind'....Mostly, Aviva Ebner shows a great passion for education, which shows in all she does."  
- Dr. Jeffrey Hubbard, Superintendent Newport-Mesa School District, former Superintendent Beverly Hills Unified School District

"I have found that [Dr.] Ebner has a wealth of knowledge in a variety of areas....Consistency, fairness, and professionalism are the trademarks by which [Dr.] Ebner is known....She always has the overall picture and makes sensible judgments based on what will work best for students...."
- Dr. JudyAnn Allen-Mendez, former Assistant Superintendent Human Resources Beverly Hills Unified School District

 "I have found that Dr. Ebner works collaboratively with others, possesses exceptional leadership qualities, produces high quality work, possesses excellent oral and written communication skills, and always meets deadlines.  Her contributions to our organization have been invaluable.  I would highly recommend Dr. Aviva Ebner for a leadership position with any educational institution."
- Teresa Cisneros-Burton, former west coast manager Academica, California 

"What impresses me most about Aviva is her ability to always put students at the center of her decisions....Aviva Ebner consistently comes to mind as one of the most effective leaders I have worked with....So few administrators possess the skills that Aviva has....In my opinion, she is truly an effective school leader." 
- Jason Stricker, Chief Operating Officer Insight Education Group

"All would acknowledge the positive impact [Aviva Ebner] has made on the quality of education.She raised the bar by demanding excellence...and establishing high standards....[Dr.] Ebner will always have my highest recommendation."
- Rabbi Yochanan Stepen, Dean Emeritus Emek Hebrew Academy 

"During [Aviva Ebner's] tenure, outstanding comments were received from pupils, parents, and colleagues alike expressing their keen appreciation for the outstanding performance she made to support the total school effort to provide...the best possible education....I point to Aviva with pride, gratitude, and appreciation because she is one of the finest administrators with whom I have the privilege of working.  I have not encountered in my entire professional career any administrator more loyal, more dedicated, more supportive, more cooperative, more professional than Aviva."
- Dr. Jerry Horowitz, retired Principal LAUSD